Friday, July 24, 2009

My Manifesto as a Black Geek

I've been thinking a lot about the dual concepts of being African-American or Black, whatever term you prefer, and being a lifelong nerd/geek/dork. Those two aspects are very much integrated into my self.

My question is, why does the world seem to ignore us Black geeks? We are out there, probably more than would admit. We are lurking in the shadows, but we're the ones who help sell tickets to comic book movies, who buy urban fantasy, read paranormal romance novels, and who rock out to music that should be considered inappropriate for us Black people.

Why do we have to deny our geekdom? We shouldn't have to. We have just as much right to be proud of being nerds, geeks, and dorks.

Well, I have decided to embrace my nerd-dom. I never have and never will be a 'cool' Black person.

Why I consider myself a Black Geek Girl

1. I love science fiction and fantasy. Always have, always will.
2. I gravitate to the nerdy/geeky/slightly dorky characters on tv/movies
3. I embrace my right to be a smart person and not feel like I have to hide it
4. Being cool is not important to me. Being myself is.
5. I am a fountain of useless information. Heck, Wikipedia is one of my top five favorite websites.
6. I own thousands of books. And I cannot seem to refrain from buying more.
7. Any day of the week, I'd rather curl up with a good book than go out to the club and party.
8. I'd rather rock out to Interpol or sing along to Duran Duran than listen to Usher or Lil' Wayne
9. I love science. Biology is so fascinating to me. Much more fascinating than shoes and clothes on any given day.
10.The sexiest traits in a guy for me are smarts, a sense of humor, and kindness. Yes, I stare at cute guys just as much as any girl. But the personality is what keeps my interest. If I can't have an interesting conversation, whether it's about Iron Man or the Milky Way, then I don't think there's going to be a future for us.
11.I love comic books as an art form, whether it's as an adaptation into movies or books, or the originals. I'm crying right now because I am here and not a Comic Con. Sob.
12. I love folklore, legends, and myths. I get so excited about them, it's probably a scary thing to most people.
13. I embrace my inner assassin/ninja/gunslinger/Amazon. Non-violence is a way of life for me. But inside there's an inner buttkicker. Think Elektra with browner skin and more clothes on.

So, I am here to say that I am a Black Geek, and I am proud of it. I am a nerd, and nerds rule. That's what the T-shirt says. This Black girl who happens to be a nerd is claiming her identity. Watch out world!


  1. i also have an inner ninja!!! phew, it's not just me, lol

  2. Danielle, you seriously rock (and Elektra is my fave superhero!!) and I'm so there on all points. Embrace the geekdom and manifesto! Woo hoo!

  3. Great post Danielle. It's totally uncanny. Numbers 1-10 describe me to a tee. I don't read a lot of comic books, but I love the movie adaptations and sure wouldn't mind being a Comic Com right now either. Although not enthusiastic enough to scare anybody, I do enjoy folklore, legends and myths too. I could however scare plenty of people with my enthusiasm about other things. I'm a very peaceful person too, but who doesn't occasionally fantasize about kicking butt? It's just too fun.;-)

  4. Thanks guys for the support. I'll try to share some geeky insights with you and the world.