Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Too Darn Hot

I tell you, hot weather and me don't agree. It's well into the 90s now, and it's only the first of June! I am afraid, very afraid for the rest of the summer. My gardening has been put on hold. I honestly don't think I can handle working out there in the hot sun. I feel like a french fry in a vat of boiling oil.

Hot weather brings out all my bad traits: laziness, grumpiness, and the tendency to be a hermit. I just don't want to go outside until the sun goes down.

I have a theory about me and hot weather. Did you ever watch that show called Farscape, that came on the Sci-Fi Channel? Well, Aeryn Sun, the female co-star who ends up falling in love with John Crighton, was a Sebacean. They are a race of humanoids who don't do well when they get overheated. I decided that I am a Sebacean. If the external temperature gets above 85 degrees F, my body starts shutting down. My mother thinks I'm a werewolf. That works for me, since I love werewolves (at least the fictional variety--haven't met any in real life). I have this burning secret desire to be a werewolf, except for the hunting and killing part. Ugh. I don't even like my meat pink. Raw and twitching is definitely not my style.

My goal is to get through this hot summer and try to enjoy it. My plan of attack:

1. Spend as much time in air conditioning as possible.
2. Develop night-time outdoors hobbies, such as stargazing (I like that already).
3. Get my tbr pile down by staying indoors and reading.
4. Use my Wii Fit in the comfortable air conditioning instead of doing things that will make me hot and sweaty outdoors.
5. Take lots of cold showers.
6. Enjoy lots of cold drinks and ice cream (I hope)
7. Try to go to places that have air conditioning--such as the movie theater and bookstore (what a chore).

I would appreciate advice on how to survive the hellish Texas hot weather! If you're a Sebacean/werewolf/cold-natured person like me who lives in a hot climate, we can definitely commiserate.