Monday, December 27, 2010

What is with the addictive quality of TrueBlood?

Okay, I just finished watching TrueBlood season one on dvd. I have a problem. I have been addicted to this show since last year. I was living in a hotel room, and I found myself watching a lot of stuff I wouldn't normally ask. It's the hotel phenomenom. If you've ever stayed in one long term (except Vegas b/c they have crappy tv), you probably know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I got sucked in as they showed season two.

This show has quite a few disadvantages:
  • Bad language
  • Disturbing violence
  • Disturbing actions from the characters
  • Lots of gratuitious, sleazy scenes (and naked flesh)--I have a low sleaze tolerance

The perks of this show:

  • Completely engaging
  • Interesting storylines
  • Stephen Moyer as Bill (drool)
  • Alexander Skarsgaard as Eric (drool some more)
  • Other cute guys
  • Great acting
  • And it's vampires and other paranormals--I love them!

As far as season one, it's good to go back and see it from the beginning. I have to confess, I read the first book by Charlaine Harris, Dead Until Dark. I wasn't blown away. It was a little silly and kind of dark in an uncomfortable way. For some reason, it's more palatable as a movie/tv show. Normally, I admit I prefer the books to movies. But, this is definitely one where I like the movie/tv version better.

I have to say, Sookie is very annoying. I think she's a good person, but she's judgmental, self-righteous, insensitive, reckless, you name it. It's interesting that she's imperfect, because it can be annoying when the heroine is so perfect. I think the secondary cast make the show. Lots of interesting, but not always likeable people. I wish they didn't make Christians all look like hypocrits, but I loved Sookie and Jason's grandmother. She was such a sweet lady. At least she was a positive image for Christians.

Jason is such a dumb man. It's frustrating how clueless he is. He might be hot physically, but I am not attracted to stupid men! And he's so arrogant at the same time. I like Tara, although she's completely screwed up. How does she always manage to get into such bad trouble? Is she the male equivalent of Jason, except more intelligent? I love Lafayette, even though he's quite amoral. At least he's honest about who he is. He's one of my favorites. I also love Sam, even though he's so against vampires. I love Bill. I just do. I adore him. He's conflicted, dark, brooding, but he loves Sookie so much. (Yes, I know he betrayed her, but I think he really does love her). Eric grew on me in season two when I saw how he felt about Godric. I like Pam too. She cracks me up. I also like Hoyt. He's a sweet and genuine person. Arlene can be annoying with her bigotry, but she's basically a sweet person. And Terry is a darling man! I'm not sure how I feel about Andy Bellefleur. I wonder how Southern people feel about its portrayal of the South. I think it has some things down. Probably over-exaggerates other aspects.

I am totally rambling here. I just wanted to spout off my feelings about this show and try to figure out why I am so transfixed by this show! Any thoughts on this phenomenom?


  1. And I Quote ...
    Bad language
    Disturbing violence
    Disturbing actions from the characters
    Lots of gratuitious, sleazy scenes (and naked flesh)
    ... Unquote

    Never watched the show, but if you live with teenagers, it's business as normal. Have a restful holiday. Hope to see more of your writings. I loved the easy style. HerMelness Speaks

  2. LOL!, Hermelness. I guess teenagers keep you on your toes. Thanks for reading!

  3. **Alexander Skarsgard** and the AMAZING SEASONS and acting! Those are my intense reasons for watching True Blood.